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The Evolution of the Paper Hot Air Balloon

I started making paper hot air balloons about six years ago, but it took a background in sewing, scrapbooking, paper crafting and mixed media art to get here.

I started scrapbooking when I was first married in 1996, when photos were still on film. I adored all of the beautiful papers, stickers, and creativity sparked by scrapbooking. I made several scrapbooks of our wedding, honeymoon, camping trips, and vacations. I still have those scrapbooks today, and proudly show them to whoever will look. Each book is a compilation of my love of family, art and design.

When we moved to Oregon and had our daughter, I did most of my scrapbooking electronically via Smilebox. In the eary 2000’s I would compile my electronic scrapbook and email it to my Dad, Sister and Aunts. I had a contact at Documart that would print the pages for me on 12” x 12” paper, and I would add embellishments before I put slid each tidy page into a book. This method saved time, allowed me to be creative, and to share family milestones. Smilebox is still around, and I highly recommend them if you are short on scrapbooking time.

Once my daughter got a little older, I started buying K&Company scrapbook paper and making flying paper hearts (anybody remember them?). Pinterest had just launched, and I found these hearts to be so whimsical. I would hand-cut the hearts out of paper, glue them together, add embellishments, beads and positive sayings, and give them to friends and family. I even made about 25 to hang from the ceiling at my daughter’s class Valentine’s Party. Below is an inspiration picture, and then one of my creations:

Inspiration from Pinterest (I can’t find the original owner):

One of my creations (now hanging in my teenage daughter’s room):

A few years and thousands of Pinterest pins later, I came across these glorious pieces of art from the Paper Artists at Makerie Studio in New York:

Behold this decadent paper art that exudes class, whimsy, and absolute magic! I was captivated and enthralled when I saw these. I saved them, read about Makerie Studio, and excitedly shared their creations with all of my friends and family. How in the world could I even start to make something so unique and beautiful? I started researching….

I found a few very old hot air balloon patterns on Pinterest, and started trying to draw the patterns in my Silhouette Studio Software. Then I came across svgcuts.com, and low and behold, the lovely Ms. Mary Bonk had already created a paper hot air balloon pattern! It was included in her Sky High Kit.

And that is the beginning of my company, Wonderland Papercraft Company. I have been creating and perfecting my hot air balloons for about six years now. They have evolved over time, and each new creation is like discovering paper hot air balloons all over again. This last year has brought the addition of metal basket feet for stability, more ornate swags and German glitter glass. I hope you enjoy them and find them as magical as I do. I consider paper hot air balloon making to be one of my super powers, and I love to share them!

Oh! And if you are interested in making your owner paper hot air balloon, please be sure to visit svgcuts.com and pick up your own cut file.

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