Wonderland Papercraft Company

My name is Lisa Dumford.  I run my small business out of my home in Hillsboro, Oregon with the help of my daughter.  As a self-taught paper crafter, I work to produce art that inspires hope and levity.   As a company, my mission is to create innovative products that encourages wonder and fascination.  

Being a Navy Veteran, I have turned to various forms of art to repair and restore my soul.  For me, art is a form of meditation that allows me to experience the moment in its truest form.  30 years of sewing, scrapbooking, and mixed media have lead me to the exciting art of paper crafting.  Thanks to years of encouragement by family, friends, and internet strangers, I strive to share my passion for paper hot air balloons as whimsical gifts, home and event decor.

301 Kimmy Betts Senior Session 2020 (2).